Found poetry ATC's

I had some practice paintings that I wasn’t all that in love with so cut them up for ATC backgrounds. I added some gilding and poetry cut out from a 1909 school speller (it was a discard left out in the rain at a farm auction) that has the most amazingly weird phrases.


I love how a big painting/background takes on new life when cut into smaller pieces. These look great!

These are very pretty, I also love the gilding you used on them. :slight_smile:

I really love the background pieces you made. They are quite pretty and go so nicely with the poetry :slight_smile:

Oh! I love found poetry!!! And I love these ATCs! :heart_eyes:

The composition of words and the composition of the art - perfection!

They’re lovely! I love your found poetry works :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking! Found poetry is endlessly fascinating to me. I usually have little stanzas set out like jigsaw puzzles all over the place, I held on to the “odor of violets” in the above ATC for a couple years, just waiting for the right time to use it. I have a thing about no white edges so spend A LOT of time with tweezers and an ink pad remedying that which lends itself to thinking about poetry :face_with_monocle:

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I plan to take them to be framed this weekend!

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It might not have looked great as a painting, but the cards looks amazing, really love the gilding, it adds something nice :smiley:

Love reading about your process…pondering while inking w/ tweezers has a certain charm, no?