Four blouses

I got into this pattern this spring, made six blouses (one wound up in the scrap bag, another needs revision). But I created different necklines for each. All supplies from stash, except the olive green blouse.

Sweetheart neckline. Blue and white fabric from a thrift store, lime green contrast was a fat quarter. Glad to use some of those up!

The pattern has princess seams, and I piped most of them with contrast fabric.

dark green fabric from Goodwill, purple contrast is two different patterned fat quarters.

sweetheart raised neckline rises behind the neck, forming almost a collar

olive U neckline with buttons from the huge stash I acquired last summer. I would never use these kind of uglies on any other garment, but they make this neckline pop.

Granny chic:
I just used the pattern views A and D for this first one. 3/4 sleeves, collar band. Fabric from a rummage sale in Oregon, I think.

I did change one thing on the pattern; I added pockets to every blouse! They’re hidden in the princess seam, an internal pouch similar to one on a hoodie. See the pink thing sticking out of the pocket?

I used this pattern, altering necklines, sleeves, front details, etc…

I had recently read that women with apple figures like me should include width in the shoulders to give the effect of a narrower waist, so I used little cap sleeves on most.

this is the one that needs revision. The neckline makes me look like a refugee from a musical comedy, desperately tap dancing through walmart. I’ve already ripped it out, maybe I’ll do a U neck like the olive green blouse.

They all need ironing, they are not all puckery in person.
But when I decided to do this photo session, I first had to unearth the mannequin from the back corner.
I put away the pile of fabric, batting, and miscellaneous junk in the way, then somehow wound up reorganizing my sewing box, and disembowling a pin cushion. It had 18 hand sewing needles lost inside! I hate fat pin cushions.

So I was not in the mood to iron as well.


Whole new wardrobe! They are all different…my favorite is the olive one…the buttons make it for me!


Dark green and purple is my fav. I’m not usually a dark green person, but it looks fab.
Game. Blouses.

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These are awesome! The green with purple and the dark blue at the end are my favorites!

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You really put that pattern to work for you… NICE! My fave is the blue/white floral with the bright green contrast.

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Wow! You’re so prolific! (Or should I say, “sew prolific”?) That’s a very versatile pattern, especially with all your little tweaks. Some really fun fabric combinations, too.

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They’re all great, and I love that you added pockets! The neckline on the green/purple blouse is really pretty

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What a lot of work! You got a whole new wardrobe out of that pattern!


Great work - I love how you made them all unique - I would have never guessed they were all adapted from the same pattern! The sweetheart neckline with the ‘collar’ has a slightly Elizabethan feel which I really love.

I really laughed at image:

refugee from a musical comedy, desperately tap dancing through walmart

I can related to getting side-tracked organizing my sewing/crafting supplies. I have a very fat pincushion I need to ‘slim down’, if only to avoid having to buy new needles!

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