Four quilts in three days from 6 shirts (+stash)

My lovely cousin tragically lost her husband too early from a brain tumor, six months ago. I offered to make her a quilt from some of his shirts.

She gave me six of his shirts, two short sleeved, I cut every piece of fabric from them that I could (and saved the buttons, if anyone has a good idea to make something with them, a picture? Christmas decoration??? Let me know)

I decided that I would try and make not only a large quilt for her bed, but three smaller ones, one for each child (17,15,7) and I managed to get enough fabric! All of the sashing, backing and binding is fabric from my stash, but all the pieces are from shirts.

Of course me being me decided to make four quilts on Sunday, and I’m meeting her tomorrow (Friday) so I started breaking down the shirts Monday, finished them all by weds and today I’m just appliquing hearts (from scraps of shirt fabric) onto pillow cases to “wrap” them. She will get them tomorrow and I know she’ll be delighted. As @sloth003 said, this kind of work is bittersweet. So sad, but it’s a privilege to be able to do it.

It’s a grey day here in Ireland, so the colours are pretty true to life in these.

This is for my cousin, I appliqued two hearts onto this one. There is one heart on each of the others.

This for the eldest who is a girl.

This for the older boy

And this for the 7 year old.

I bought four pillowcases, and put another heart on each, I’ll put a quilt in each one to give to her tomorrow.

I need to go and lie down in a darkened room now!


Heart breakingly lovely, my dear. They turned out beautifully and will be treasured. Anticipate tears.

I do love button crafts

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They all turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! It is indeed bittersweet but I’m sure your cousin and their children will appreciate them very much.


Absolutely beautiful. I’m sure they will be so grateful for your work of heart. :blue_heart:


This is a very heart-felt and beautifully done (set of) project(s). So sad and so kind. These quilts will help them to feel closer to him and also to feel supported and connected to you in a time that feels isolating and dark.


This is such an amazing project. And so so fast.

You’re good people Edel.


My goodness. You have created treasured pieces from treasured memories in a true labor of love. I am astonished at just how many squares you were able to put together from so few shirts! You’ve made the Good Stuff here.


Aw, you guys have made me all emotional. X


Oh this is such a caring bunch of work!

I was touched by your gesture. Then I read “7 year old” and my heart broke. These will be treasured I have no doubt.


This is such a kind and beautiful gift.


Such a thoughtful gift that will be treasured forever I’m sure x

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Wow! These are beautiful, and what a tribute & way to treasure the memory of the husband/father.
I cannot believe you made so many so fast…fabulous idea. (Also, you must be a magician to harvest enough fabric from a half-dozen shirts!)


This is so lovely and they are so well made and full of love.

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You are amazing!

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Rising above your own emotional feelings, you have managed to make some very meaningful quilts for this bereft family…they are all lovely and useful and I am sure will be a comfort to them all. The personal touches are the best…the hearts and the gift wrapping…I am sure more than one person here is teary eyed.


Beautifully and generously done my friend. xoxo


I gave them to her today, she was completely overwhelmed, there were many tears as she’s told us about each shirt and where they were when he wore it. It was emotional, but very very special.

Thanks all you lovely people for such kind words xx


Absolutely amazing. I am sure these will be treasured. I love the idea of putting the heart on the pillowcase as the holder of them. You are so sweet for doing this.


These quilts are so lovely, I think you are a wonderful friend to have made one for each family member. The kids will cherish these.

An ornament/s for the Christmas tree would be nice from the buttons. Then there could be something to remind them each Christmas he is with them.