Fox Pillow

I stitched up this fox pillow for @PerfectlyBohemian. The pattern is from Aimee Ray Little Deer.



Ah, I knew it!! I love Aimee Ray! I told Jennie that I thought they looked like Aimee Ray’s designs :smiley: She was one of my first crafter crushes, and I have a few of her books that I have never actually bothered to stitch up since I’m not really much of a needlepoint-er :stuck_out_tongue: I LOVE the designs you stitched :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: You did such a lovely job. Thank you so so much for this lovely pillow :smiley:

This is adorable! And of course stitched to perfection.

This is so cute, beautiful job.

Love it! Foxes are one of my favorite animals. This is so cute! :fox_face:

Aww, so sweet! :fox_face:

Thanks everyone!

This is too sweet for words

Cute as can be!

This is adorable!

Really cute!

This is absolutely adorable. I love the style of the foxes.

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This is ridiculously cute! How could you NOT just love it?