Foxes and Hedgehogs Blouse

The collar and neckline of this pattern always give me conniptions.

Simplicity 0492

Woodland fabric from Good’s Store in East Earl, PA --no selvage information.

I thought I would have plenty of fabric because the repeat is relatively small, but I was scrimping to find matching pieces for the cuffs, the yoke lining is a different fabric, and the collar stand had to be cut cross-grain.

The pattern matching is perfect at the placket, however!


That placket! Such a cute print, too! I bet the kids will love it.

That print is adorable! And your pattern-matching is fabulous, as I’m sure we’ve all come to expect from you.

Your pattern-matching skills are legendary!

Such adorable fabric, too!

I bet the kids look forward to your new clothes as much as we do here! Fantastic fit and fabric…and, of course, the trademark pattern matching is superb!

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Thanks everyone!

Of course the pattern matching at the placket is perfect, we’d all be shocked if it wasn’t :smiley: Your skills continue to amaze me.

The matching kills me. Its like a magic power. My brain cant fully comprehend how you manage it.

What a fun print, and your pattern matching is perfect.
I’m always happy when I see a new post from you :slight_smile:

Perfectly cut and matched and pieced!!!

Super cute print and excellently made as usual!

It’s super pretty!