I had way too much fun making this soap for the hubs! The mold is from an old toy. He owns a collectible toy store and we both love Universal monsters.

I also made him this alien soap from the same toy.


Who wouldn’t want to lather up with Frankie?

The detail is incredible, great job!

I’ll bet these get you scary clean! :smile:


These are so cute! I love that you took molds of toys.

Thanks all! It was super fun to do. We have friends who are getting married and I plan on making them a set. I wish I had a bride. That would be so rad!

Just so dang cool!

Those turned out so amazingly detailed, you did such a great job!

Eeek! These are super cool~

These are SOOOO cool! I have some brain molds that would make fun soaps!

LOVE these!!!

Nice that you can peruse the hubby’s shop for inspiration for molds. How fun!

Nope, she merely went into my private monster collection here at home. And the soap is Amazing!


Hee hee! I’m sneaky like that.

Every time I see pictures of these scarily cute soaps, I am surprised all over again by the detail you achieved, they look like porcelain perfection.

I did see this on the site-which-will-not-be-named, thought it was really cool, especially considering it’s a vintage toy mold! Great job :smiley:

I am speechless. That is one epic bar of soap!

Looks great! Love that you made your own molds! They are awesome.

Welcome @EBlack! Thanks! I might try to use other molds like this in the future. It was fun!

Thank you. I make soap, mostly HP.

These are amazing! Frankenstein is my favorite monster! How did you get such a clean, detailed mold made?