Frankenstein Shadowbox

I made this for @Chr1stchan in the winter book swap. I think I need to make one for me. It vinyl with burnt book pages.


Oh, this is SO her! Sheโ€™ll treasure this!

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The black is vinyl (tissue) of from a music record.
The burnt pages are the back. Pages in front are they burnt too?
lots of questions butt triggers me :slight_smile:

The black vinyl is a sticky paper vinyl like shelf paper, it is stuck to the front of the glass. You can buy it in sheets or rolls. The burnt pages are decoupaged on the back of the frame. I cut out the stencil using my cricut machine. Before i added the papers to the back I lit the edges on fire and blew them out quickly.


The book pages in the background add just the right touch to this project. It elevates the entire thing. I adore it!

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This turned out so cool! I think this particular image of The Monster is so good with the book pages. He looks contemplative.

The background is super cool! Love the pages of ?poetry? you used, as well as the singed look of them.

I think you do need to make one for yourself as well. It looks great!

I love this SO MUCH! Beautiful execution.

Neat-o! Great monster likeness and the black lines/shapes contrast nicely with the newsprint background.

:ice_cube: :sunglasses: Nice, nice, baby! This awesome project is one of this weekโ€™s features! Congrats! :sunglasses: :ice_cube:

I love it! So cool.

Thank you!!!

This is awesome! The amount of weeding involved must have been intense!

This is fantastic! The shadow and layering gives it so much dimension and depth!