Frankie & Bridie cross stitch

I had a weird gap in one of my bookcases, that I felt needed something.

I found a cute little Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein kit on Etsy, that I thought would be perfect!

The frame was one I had lying around the house from an abandoned project. I felt it fit the theme.

Now the sit happily on my shelf, under the protection of Bob the pothos.

The kit isn’t currently listed, but the pattern is available here


So cute and such a great fit in there!

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I love it!! The frame is so perfect!!


Yes! It is perfect! The frame is great, too. Well done!

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So cute and green. :smiling_face:

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Very cute pattern. Looks great in its new home!

I love that you named your pathos Bob.

Your shelf is so nice and organized and your cross stitch fits in perfectly! I like the color of the background cloth, it works really well with your pattern.

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As a HUGE fan of the Bride, I LOVE this!!! Excellent job and thanks for the link.

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:sparkles: Congratulations!! Your Frankie & Bridie Cross Stitch is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :sparkles:

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