Free motion quilting practice

It’s not as easy as it looks, but I’m getting the hang of it. I turned this sample into a mugrug for my sister, by adding a felt patch I made years ago.



I’ve made peace with the fact that my mitred corners will never be perfect.

@sweets4ever I have no clue about website design, so I don’t know if it’s impossible. But we could really use a general sewing tag for this board. Almost everything I post, unless it’s a quilt, I have to tag with misc.


This is so pretty. I can imagine that it hard to do but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun and free!

I’m still struggling with free motion as well, yours looks great from the back!

I want to learn free motion quilting, but I’m scared.

I looked at many online videos, the most important tip was- fairly fast needle speed and slow hand speed. And like everything else lots of practice. I was free handing this, but it would be better off I had an erasable fabric pen so I could follow the lines.

Thanks for the advice. Can I ask a silly beginner question? How do you figure out where to buy/ which free motion quilting foot works for my machine?

Great job! I think the quilting is so fun!

It’s sometimes called a darning foot, or open toe foot Any sewing shop will have them, they’re common. Looks like this.

Most machines have the little curved ‘arms’ that hook around the shank (the bit where you screw in the needle) and are held in place by a screw on the left, you can see them in the picture above.

Look at the foot that is currently on your machine and you should be able to see what kind it is. Shoot me a picture if you’re not sure. I’ve owned three different brands of machine over the years, Toyota, singer and janome. The feet have been interchangable, in general any brand will do.

You also need to check if your sewing machine can lower the feed dogs-almost all of them can. Feed dogs are the spiky metal bits that sit under the needle, they push the fabric along. When you FMQ you don’t want anything pushing the fabric, except your hands, which is why you lower them out of the way. Google how to do this for your machine, or check out the manual.

You can buy feet very cheaply from AliExpress if you’re not in a hurry-you can also get big sets of machine feet with far more than you would ever use.
#Aliexpress € 21,60 31%OFF | 62/52/48/42pcs Sewing Machine Presser Feet Set Rolled Hem Feet for Brother Singer Braiding Blind Stitch Darning Presser Feet

Vintage machines sometimes have feed dogs that can’t be lowered, in the case you can get a darning plate, that fixes over the dogs and stops them coming into contact with the fabric. There is a discussion about this here

This is a really good video that takes you through the whole thing as a complete beginner.

Hit me up if you’ve any more questions

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Thank you SEW much! I will look into it!
I know my feed dogs can be lowered. I just got myself a walking foot in April, so I’m finally accumulating some useful quilting ones.