Freeform Crochet wall hanging

I’ve been meaning to post this sooner, but time slipped away from me. I wanted to share the process of this creation that I put together for the Holiday gift swap.

I have always appreciated the freedom of freeform crochet, but admit that sometimes I feel like it can be done well or it can be done to look tacky. This left me with hesitation, but I set out to create a lovely piece. I knew I wanted to do a landscape. I began with the left corner. I switched from using beads, a button or two, irregular shapes, and stacked stitches. I raided my stash for any color matching supplies and found beads from an old necklace, some vintage buttons, and some beaded trim that I stitched into different sections. I let the project basically steer the creation itself and tell me where to go. A little blue here, a little darker color here, a bead there, back loops there…

I then realized it was too stretchy and had to anchor stitches as I went. I found some old unfinished granny squares that my late Great Aunt had made years ago. I slip stitched them together to make a frame and backing piece. I attached here and there as I went along to give it some structure. I’ll crochet a back piece later anyway to hide the ends I said and eventually did.

I kept going until the sky was done. I then added a thicker line across the horizon, and worked the ground portion. The finished project can be found in the Holiday gift swap:

Hope this helps inspire someone to give freeform crochet a try!


This is beautifully done! I love the addition of the beads and the landscape colors are the perfect contrast to create depth.


The close ups make it even more impressive. All those beads, different stitches, and details are fantastic!

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I am so happy you posted this!! Freeform crochet is such an interesting and creative medium! And I ADORE landscapes! I had no idea you sandwiched in an old granny square for structure! Clever solution! I’m sure she would love it has continued to give!

The beads and bits give it so much visual interest. Really, truly wonderful. \m/