French knotty heart

This was a collaborative project between @Magpie and me. She sent a lovely house warming package for me included was this hoop, she did a few French knots to start it off and suggested I fill in the rest. She sent embroidery thread and I added a few more colours. It was lovely to have something to keep my hands occupied.

And she even sent this cute felt backing


So many French knots (passes out! )! It is so pretty. What a wonderful collaboration.

Very sweet!

Aw, it’s gorgeous!
And such a nice collaboration.

Adorable and such a sweet idea. I like the collab idea.

I love it and what a sweet house warming gift to start and have you complete its something to cherish!

Wonderful! Marvelous! I have been thinking about this and hoping it was coming in handy to scratch the crafty itch. It looks great!


What a lovely collaborative project!

That is so cute, and has given me a great idea for a way to camouflage a small stain on a sweater.

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Very pretty- I love the ombré effect! And is certainly a thoughtful house warming gift for someone like our lovely @Edel!

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Beautiful! I love the French knot effect, but man that must be tedious.

Well, isn’t that the sweetest! Happy housewarming!

What a fun joint project!

What a sweet gift! It’s amazing since she knew you wouldn’t have access to all of your crafty supplies. :slight_smile:

I aimed for an easy craft that would likely turn out cute but be tedious enough that Edel would be forced to put it down a few times(what’s more tiresome than French knots?! Or as pretty? Love them!). Stretching out the crafty time in the hope other supplies would get unpacked by the end.
Did it work?

Unpacked, not so much, random stuff bought in the dead of night from AliExpress… Much

But it’s taken me almost to the point where I can paint walls… So that’ll keep be out of mischief

This such a thoughtful housewarming gift :slight_smile: