Fresh Water Pearl Jewelry Set

I recently got into wearing necklaces again. Now that all kids are old enough to understand that they need to be careful.

So here’s a necklace and earring set I made this week:


Very pretty!

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Adorable set, gorgeous!

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Very cool!

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That is so so pretty!

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It’s so elegant!

Very elegant!!!

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Lovely set! Pretty color combination.

Very graceful design. Well done!

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So delicate and pretty.

Oh wow, that is lovely!

Very pretty. Love the silver and blue.

Simple, elegant, and beautiful.

Thanks everyone!

I wanted to make the necklace a little longer but I ran out of Swarovski beads (my daughter nicked some).
The good thing is that it turned out the perfect length.


You did a little great job making a matching set that had just the right about of variable pattern & colour. It looks excellent.