Frida Kahlo inspired head planter

Edited to add: Thank you for all of the lovely comments - I really appreciate it. This is such a great community :hearts:

I attended my first pottery class a few weeks ago.
It was to make a head planter.

I have a Frida Kahlo pot in my succulent garden, that I love. I wanted a version for my rose garden.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to plant in her yet.

Finished item:

I tried to add texture to the body by pressing a doily into the clay. When I was shaping the bottom of the planter, it lost some of these finer details.


During glazing:

I tried to layer black and blue through the hair, unfortunately I put the black on first and the blue was an after thought. So the blue didn’t show through.

WIP images:

You can tell I’m serious when the glasses come on.


This is incredible! I love that you made Frida. Shes so iconic. Love the 3-D flowers. I hope you do more of this because it looks like your a natural!


So pretty!

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How delightful!

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Oh, I just love this! Well done. It will look fantastic with plants popping up all around it. :heart:

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Amazing, especially for a first project! So many wonderful flowers! Would be fun to see what it looks like with (a) plant(s) inside; hope you post a picture. How long was the actual workshop? It looks like you got a lot done there.

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So much awesome detail!!! Love the flowers especially and the pics of you in progress!

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This is really amazing!

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The workshop was across two Saturdays.

The first one was five hours and the glazing workshop was approximately three hours.

It was definitely a lot of fun. I’m trying to get my sister to do the next one with me.


:fireworks: Congrats! Your project is one of our features this week! :fireworks:

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Wow! This is absolutely the coolest. Your composition with the flowers takes it from great to amazing. What a fun project and great result.

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This is so cool! I can imagine some vine type plants creeping around the form looking really neat.

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It is so beautiful!

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Ohh, I love this idea.

I might need to find a small native vine to pop in there.

Oh wow, thank you so much!

She’s gorgeous! You did a wonderful job and I love seeing her in the garden. Thank you for sharing. :heart:

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This is really wonderful. I love a planter with personality and this one’s a winner!

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Thank you!

Also, hello fellow Queenslander