Frida Shrine...A reminder to live life large

My last project for 2020 is actually a reminder to begin the new year with adventure and daring in mind. I love Frida because I imagine that she lived a live with a sense of fun and freedom. She was colorful and lived by her rules. Her art was loud and bold.

I had some tiny prints that I bought on Etsy just for making shrines and small pieces of art. I took all of the Frida prints and combined them into this shrine. I also used some masterboard that I made by accident in one of our paper group zoom meeting. Everything was from stash.



Inside Left:
Inside Right:

Here is the masterboard I made:


Love this so much! What a fantastic piece to cap off 2020 and to start off fresh in 2021. Nicely done!

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The perfect piece and sentiment to ring in a hopefully much better year.

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Love it, love it, love it!

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You know I was inspired by your little shrines this year…I am going to do a whole slew of matchbox shrines this weekend with the tiny pictures I got from this artist! :slight_smile:

I will say that I am very surprised at how engrossing and time-consuming they are for me…the process is meditative and time just flies…

Oh, and just to show how much I learned from you…after I saw the pictures, I went back and cleaned up the edges with an exacto and darkened the edges as well…lol…

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Superb! Love it!

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This is fabulous and a perfect end to 2020

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What a gorgeous little shrine, I love it!

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Thanks, MW! I can see why people then get into clay…to make things to go into the little shrines! Looks like 2021 might be that year for me! It really is addicting and fun!

I am already working on my next one!

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This is really lovely. I love the details you used to showcase the images. The ric rac, rhinestones, flowers, and paint dots are just fantastic.

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So beautiful!

Gorgeous! I love Frida as well. I never really liked all those old, biblical oil paintings, but Frida… her art I could connect with.

What a lovely tribute you have done.

I am not religious but I have a great deal of respect for iconic images…the young woman who did the original Frida art I used is definitely religious but she paints with an innocence and simplicity that I like. I have collected her Madonna with child art for a few years and will do some shrines using those as well.

Frida was an interesting woman…thank you…

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This makes me insanely happy.