Fridge organizer

DH and I have been wanting to buy magnetic white boards to put on our fridge and freezer. It’s so hard to know what’s in there and we throw away way too much food and buy produce that we already have plenty of. We figured, if we wrote it down, erased items as they were used, maybe we could stay on top of things better. When we saw the prices on Amazon, we decided to make our own with laminated paper and magnets. The magnets cover the entire back of the area we’ll be writing on, so that it will be an even writing surface.



Our main fridge died and it was going to be nearly two weeks before they could get the part to repair it. We had a second smaller fridge to hold the refrigerator food but decided to buy a chest freezer for all of the frozen foods…I was trying to think of some way to know what was in there…I did follow a YouTube video on how to organize it, but something like this would be great to not have to open it up all the time and to plan for meals…great idea…looks simple enough and could sit right on top of the lid!

So “stealing”…thanks! :heart:


My pleasure! Glad to help! :hugs:

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This is such a good idea.

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Thank you!