Friendship Bracelet and Magnet Gift

I have a dear teacher friend who is transitioning back into a position she used to have alm a decade ago. Her birthday is coming up and ahe invited me to celebrate with her. She has a close group of friends who all picked what are called “camel names” so they can “ride” on each others strengths as needed. My friend is “stand”, and the others are “let it happen” (me), and truthful nurturer. I stamped her “stand” in the middle on purpose.

I wanted to stamp on a thicker bracelet and stack them, but all I currently have are a couple thin ones.

I also am giving her magnets with our pictures, but not showing for privacy reasons.

This way, she can carry us everywhere, especially since she is once again going between 2 school buildings.

Thanks for looking!


Cool. I want a camel name!

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Love the camel idea! What a thoughtful gift


I love this idea and what a thoughtful gift.

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Very cool!

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What a sweet idea and thoughtful gift!

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Thanks so much everyone!

I gifted it to her yesterday and she (and the other guests, including mutual teacher friends) loved everything! I wrapped it all up in some of my mini envies and they all wnjoyed those too. It was fun seeing feedback irl!

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