Frilly blue bum flaps

Another gem of a title by Mr Loops…

This one is a little bittersweet to post, because I made it shortly before we lost our gal Rosie, and whilst she wasn’t feeling up to being in the photoshoot, I have piccies in the folder that Mr Loops captured of her chilling in the conservatory whilst we snapped outside. I’ll include them at the end.

Anyways… I present frilly blue bum flaps…

I wanted a nice summer top, super light and airy and one I didn’t need to wear a bra with. But as you know my bazookas are ridiculous so that isn’t easy to achieve!

So I used this pattern [NB: affiliate link] from George and Ginger, which is essentially for a boob tube with structured peplum, but I made it with a very light stretch fabric instead, added an inner bra shelf lining with a stronger ponte type jersey, added some thick elasticated straps with a cross-over back (I can’t take weight, especially boob weight on my shoulders because of my arthritis), and made it a bit longer than the pattern called for.

Btw I’m actually wearing pj trousers with it here :grin: I literally went through my wardrobe and couldn’t find anything I was happy with to use for the photos except these, lol. In real life I tend to wear them with my plethora of me-made shorts, though tbf I would defo go out wearing it with my pj bottoms!!

Aaaaand a shot from the back. Admittedly I did do the photoshoot wearing a bra as you can see, just to ensure maximum bust haulage, but I’m really happy with the shelf bra and it’s one of my favourite summer tops now.

I’m not 100% sure offhand where I got the fabric from but I’m pretty sure it was poundfabrics, or poundametre.

And last but absolutely not least, a couple of shots of our beautiful gal listening to everything we got up to even if she wasn’t up to meddling/organising :heart: :heart:

Thanks for making it to the end, I promise that’s the last of the sad tinged posts :dog:


I don’t know what I like more, the top or your title :rofl:


You are the queen of you-made clothes!


Love the top! And you can’t tell those are pj pants with it, so wear it when you want. who cares? It looks amazing and comfy.
PS. Share all the pics of Rosie that you want. We always love seeing them. :hearts:


I love your titles! I love your clothes! I love your pics of your puppers! Rosie and Arwen shots are always welcome especially if they make YOU happy! :heart:


Adorable top! The color is great on you! I love how you re-engineered the interior support system. When it’s hot - and I know it’s been HOT there lately - it can be just so much more comfortable with a shelf bra. At least at home. I have often thought/wished I could/had the skills to “build a better bewb trap” in the form of a built in shelf bra.

After all the shelf bra talk in the original post, I read this just slightly wrong and was like… :flushed:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I read that wrong also…


Looks very breezy! And I’d wear those PJ pants out into the world. (Then again, my husband often questions my fashion choices, so maybe don’t listen to me.)


Gave me a good giggle drinking my morning coffee!


Fun! I need to make more tops with swirly skirt-bits at the bottom.


What is really funny, is that even as I was typing it, I wondered how many people would read it wrong! And if they did, how in tune with the original post that would be…:rofl:


lol same…


I rhink this top is my favorite of all the clothes you have made. LOVE!


Love this!!!

And the top.


I shall pass on to Mr Loops the compliments on his title!

@gozer @Bunny1kenobi Aww I’m glad so many of you love doggos!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@TheMistressT Haaaaaaa, kinda weird that I didn’t tbh, because I’m absolutely THAT person that misreads everything because I never bother to wear my glasses! :wink: And oh I build bazooka shelves into everything (well cept shorts, they’re not that droopy that I can tuck them in my shorts yet), adds a level of extra support even if I do wear my bra with them!

@thanate I know right, it’s both fun and nice and airy for the belly, plus you can eat a big lunch and no-one will knooooooow!!!

@MightyMitochondria :star_struck: Must outdo myself now!!!


This is very nice!

I was expecting a pair of bottoms when I read the title.