Frog Prince Mug Rug

Back in the day, I participated in some swaps on a different site (may their name rest in peace), and I made a mug rug for my swap partner.

It was a combination of two paper piecing patterns from Fandom In Stitches, plus a bit of embroidery. I remember being incredibly proud of it.


This is so cute! I like it’s little smile. It must be good to be the frog king :slight_smile:

How cute! I love the crown.

This is so cute. Paper piecing is hard. You did an amazing job!

Cute! I’m not sure that I could do this, the thought of all those tiny pieces makes my brain hurt a bit. So I’m really impressed by those who do!

This little frog is cute enough to kiss!

This is awesome! Love your frog!

You should be proud! It’s fantastic!!