Froggy Phone Charger Wrap

Since most of the people I know have a very similar plug for charging their phones, I wanted to make mine a little bit different. I used a free cut file from the Silhouette School blog. But, because I didn’t want the monogram (First initial? Last initial? I couldn’t decide…), I found a frog file and swapped it out with the monogram. I was able to weld the frog to the original design and keep it all as one piece.


Much more my style :slight_smile:

I have two more plugs somewhere that I just need to find, so that’s what the extra two are for.


Cute! Clever idea to decorate the charger!

Great idea!!

So cute and so clever!

What a great idea! Love the froggy :frog:

Super super clever idea, and adorable frog!

How fun! Great idea too to use an image instead of a monogram! Love it!

Thanks for the inspiration!

How fun! Much more fun than taping a piece of paper with your name (like I do) at home.

This is so cute and such a good idea!

Thanks so much, everyone! But, truly, the clever idea is from Melissa at Silhouette School. She created the file, I just modified it :slight_smile:

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I would never have thought to decorate my phone charge. I like the way these turned out.

I do that a lot too! Makes is personal but easy to start with
Nevertheless it is very nice!

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Cute and practical.

Thanks! The frog image worked perfectly, and anyone who knows me will know that those chargers are definitely mine.

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I usually wrap mine in washi tape but I like the idea of using an image. I’ve never cut vinyl with my cricut. this would be a nice small project to start with!

Vinyl is pretty easy to cut- sometimes the transferring can be tricky, depending on the quality of the vinyl. I think the file might be a Silhouette specific file, but @geekgirl I might be able to convert it to SVG if you’d like. Let me know!

This is so clever, and I love the frog :smiley: so happy

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