From Coaster to Assemblage + Faux Assemblage

Last Christmas, our family donated enough $ to a cause that we get loads of mail with free gifts in an attempt to get us to continue donating. We have received a two pack of coasters 4x so far. I decided to gesso them, and have turned 4 into assemblage pieces. I haven’t done anything else with the other four yet.

I have a can of spray gesso. I’ve never really used it before, but adding it to my found objects prior to painting black helped. I will remember to do this in the future. Let’s work this project back in time.

After spraying the gesso:

With my found items:

And after the gesso:

Now, I also mentioned a faux assemblage. If you remember back to my model magic cardinal 4x6 piece, I had said I also made two others.

Here is one I had just added designs to. When it came time to paint, it was easier to paint it like I would an assemblage piece.

I learned these can be glued into a 4x6 frame with E6000.

These will all most likely be listed in the next STS.

Thanks for looking.


First of all…I did not know that there was a spray gesso…second, I love how your found objects all come together once they are painted!

I did not recognize some of the items! I especially like the circles within the circles.


Super cool! I like all the things you’re trying with model magic!

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What a great crafty use for those coasters. I like the way you used model magic in the last one!

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Maybe it’s the paint color as well, but your faux assemblage is reading as MesoAmerican. Very cool.
I like to see assemblages. They’re visually interesting whether painted or not. Yay!

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I see the MesoAmerican touches too. My favorite is the last one.

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I didn’t know there was spray gesso either! This is a game changer for oddly shaped things like these assemblage pieces! Thanks for sharing.

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The spray gesso was a “now” happy accident when the day I bought it, I was actually looking for a spray adhesive and totally bought the wrong thing. I had ended up messing up a piece I had made with it.

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Great use for all the bits & bobs. & spray gesso? Cool!