Front Post, Back Post...Corkscrew Crochet Pouches

I bought Metallica yarn on sale from Hobbii but when it arrived, it wasn’t as “metallic” as I wanted. I wanted to make a small crossover bag for the summer, but this yarn is too soft.

I decided to use up the yarn to make some pouches. This is a very stretchy stitch, used for ribbing, but I love the way it looks. I’ll deal with it by lining the pouches when I am in the mood to sew again.

Meanwhile, here they are! I also got a good laugh with @AuFish because we both like to make things “zipper down”…ha ha.

Zipper down=use a small steel crochet hook to punch through the zipper to start your crochet. Join at the bottom with single crochet or sewing together…I did single crochet on the inside so I could get a bit of a squared off botton so the pouch can hold more stuff.


Nice! And very productive, doing four at once.

Great colors! Way to find a use for the yarn even though it didn’t work for what you wanted it for!

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Cute batch of pouches! They look like a useful size, too.

Very cute pouches!

Haven’t used that sitch for quite awhile, but it really is a great texture. Sorry that the yarn wasn’t shiny enough, but it looks perfect for these bags. You always craft so beautifully!

Zipper down is great if you don’t want to keep up with a zipper the whole time you’re crafting or if you double book supplies because of multitasking that has gotten out of hand again.

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It will make lining the bags easier to just have to hand stitch the one side of the zipper as well. I also know I can make the lining larger than the pouch because it will stretch.

To be honest, I just wanted to use up the yarn so it wouldn’t be in my stash! :rofl:

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Zipper down snort :sweat_smile:

These are cute.

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do you measure and punch all the holes first or do you punch as you go along?

I marked the ends and then divided into sections…nothing really accurate, but I did try to make the same number of stitches on both sides and did three chains at each end. I can tell the ones that are a bit off because the stitches pull to one side a bit.

I would recommend marking. I just used my steel crochet hook to punch through and then switched to a larger needle after that.