Full Of Thanks Shaker Cards

I guess I’m on a thank you note bender! I made these using all stash.

Eight cards, two each with 4 different black/white papers. The mason jar shaker is made with a Lori Whitlock svg flie on a Cricut Explore. The heart tag is made with a die/stamp set. The back of the shaker window is stamped twice with a “thank you” stamp; once with pink, once with red.


The shaker has some punched stars (glitter paper), stamped sentiments (fussy cut), and two kinds of glitter including on that glows in the dark.


Just so recipients know about the glow, I stamped it on the back with some other stuff.


The sentiment is printed on my home printer, cut and glued into a card blank.

I’m just like a kid with the GITD stuff! So here’s another shot of the GLID glitter!

EDIT: here is the set of instructions stamps I used for the back


Those are fun and clever! I didn’t know there was such a thing as glow in the dark glitter! Looks cool!

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Thank you! I didn’t know about the GITD glitter until recently, either!

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Oh, no, glow glitter? I’m trying not to add to the stash!

Cool cards!

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They glow! I love that you stamped a heads-up on the back so the recipients can enjoy every detail.

The glow in the dark aspect is so fun!! Good idea to stamp it on the back. :wink:

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Such cute cards! The blue is perfect for the jars, and the jars look great on the black and white background. I love the little twine-and-heart detail at the lid.

Thanks everyone!

@steiconi Not to enable or anything, but the GITD glitter is Michael’s Recollections. :upside_down_face:

@wittychild @Abbeeroad I got a set of “instruction” stamps last year that I am a little obsessed with. :grimacing: I mean, of course shake it, but why not use the stamp! :rofl:

@endymion At first I thought they were complete with just the twine. Then while looking for my “hand made” stamp I noticed the heart-shaped “thank you” in that set. It was too late to include it in the shaker, but there was enough room to punch a hole so I stamped and die cut a bunch and added them. It made a huge difference.


These are fabulous! so cute!

Get thee behind me, satan! I’m going for a no-(craft supply)-buy January.
Almost faltered in Dollar Tree, but held strong!

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Thanks, @jemimah !

@steiconi I bet it’ll still be available in February! :imp:

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The glow adds just the right touch of magic!


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These cards are super fun! I’m a fan of the mason jar for tossing whatever you have in it. Glow in the dark glitter???
I like that you added the instruction stamps on the back.

Oooo, if you have the resources, you could order a custom self-inking stamp with your name or initials or what-have-you on it! My oldest sister ordered one that I liked as a gift and I stamp most of my cards with it.

Super cute cards, but OMFG, they GLOW in the Dark?!?! Heck yeah!

Thanks, pals!

@irid3sc3nt I have toyed with designing a self-inking “HAND MADE” stamp that’s even smaller than this one, though it hadn’t occurred to me to have my name or initials put on it. I had one made for TheMisterT for him to use at book signings; there was a page that had some dialog mistakenly corrected to standard usage


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These are what I call my “instructions stamps” that I used two of on the back.

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