Fun With Fimo

Visiting a friend a few days ago, who was in the midst of Fimo-ing. Never used it before, but who I am I to say no to a new crafting opportunity!

I was inspired by some photos of my last time snorkelling, coming upon a small ‘shiver’ of sharks. (Apparently, it’s a school when they’re swimming and a shiver when they’re resting.) I am sure this was my expression!

The brooch finding:


What fun!


I love it! That would be my expression, too!

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A fun little pin, but the backstory makes it wonderful.

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I really like this! A totally unique subject and excellent execution for your first fimo experience!!

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Thanks, it was fun to make.

Amazing! I love the unique subject and fun expression. Looks like you should play with Fimo more often!

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:fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :sparkles: Yay! This fall-tastic project is featured this week! :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :sparkles:

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Gee, thanks!

I can’t believe that this was your first Fimo experience! Your pin is fabulous!

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oh! I love it! So cute!

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The hair! So great.

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Ah, thanks!