"Funkle" freezer paper stencil shirts

Made for my bro for xmas, hand cut freezer paper stencils.

I think “Funcle” stands for “Fun Uncle” though you really could apply another “F” word, depending on your relationship with your siblings :joy:

I didn’t want there to be any mistake so I made a second shirt just for clarity.

This is a really quick and easy technique, if anybody hasn’t discovered it yet and wants a tutorial I would be happy to make one up :blush:.


I love freezer paper stenciling! Your cutting is so clean with those delicate letters, well done.


Both shirts are stellar and will be proudly worn by your brother. Yes please a tutorial would be appreciated, TIA!

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Ok, cool. I am planning a shirt for the Mister so I’ll snap some photos along the way :wink:

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Thank you darlin! I think my DH is showing interest in iron-ons as well, so we both will benefit from your expertise :slight_smile:

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How fun are these? Super fun! Freezer paper stenciling is also super fun, so I bet your tutorial will very appreciated.

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