Furby Funshine Carebear

Hi, I’m new here, but I’m excited to join the community! Here’s an oddbody furby I made. I took an old care bear and a resin faceplate I commissioned. I just cut out the original face, sewed on some faux fur for his mane, and glued on his new and improved face. It was super simple, and I love the results. I will definitely be doing this again :slight_smile:


Welcome! This is fab. What a great mashup.

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He’s creepy and cool at the same time.


Mr sbc (he’ll tell you at work that this isn’t his name, but it’s all lies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) told me you posted.

What medium did you use to make the face? My niece is saying she wants one now. I hope you choose to join the Nerd Games. You can post this as your first project! :smile:

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Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it! Well done and welcome! :slight_smile:

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Very cool! I’m Mr. SBC’s sister in law and he was telling SBC and I you had posted this. Glad I checked it out. Welcome to the community, can’t wait to see what else you have to share! :slight_smile:


I used epoxy resin, pigment and glitter. It’s super easy, you just have to wait for it to cure :slight_smile:


Hah, definitely a one of a kind stuffie :smiley: