Galaxy sling purse

I made this Galaxy sling to test out the pattern. I have another one in the works already. The galaxy fabric really pops on this bag and itโ€™s a fun style of purse.


Nice work!

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I love this! The fabric is great and I this is a great style of bag. I should look into making something like this that is long enough to fit over my big boobs. Ha!

I love all the separate pouches so small things like keys would be easy to locate. Very nice! :heart:

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I love this! What a fun purse! All the little zippers are impressive to me in my very limited sewing skills. :joy:


That is really fun! What is that pattern?

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What a great fabric and pattern, and neat stitching!

I love the many zipper pockets.

How is this worn? Crossbody, over your chest or back? Slung over one shoulder?

ETA I found one picture of a similar shaped bag in leather, worn crossbody in front. Kind of looked like something a Klingon would wear, but that might be the leather talking.


Thanks, You can wear it however you like, but I think across the front is most common

Thanks, this is the Logan Sling from Uh Oh creations, she a local designer in my city๐Ÿ˜


Thanks! This looks fun to try.

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Youโ€™re sure right about the galaxy print really being shown off with this pattern! This seems like a great style bag for yard/estate sale-ing and thrift stores/antique malls when space can be cramped and you might want to get down and dig through boxes with out knocking stuff over, etc.


I love the print, and the style bag. Perfect for the theme park, beach, or an easy hole to keep the hands free!

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I love that it looks like a moon and is made up of a galaxy print. It looks so handy and useful!

and I just noticed that you have different colored matching zipper pulls on there. Super awesome.

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What a nifty pattern! I just ordered Phish fabric to make masks for the man & now he wants a bag like this to match. He thinks it would be perfect for concerts.


What a good idea, it would be great for concerts :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: