Game Board Cake

Hi there! I’m finally coming out of my lurker cave, so… here’s a cake.

My quarantine pod plays board games, and we celebrated a birthday earlier this month. The cake decoration is a (very) improvised Scythe board, from sliced almonds, coconut, graham crackers, and a few candies for huts and The Factory. It was so tempting to add game pieces, but I wanted the decorations to be tasty, have an organic feel, and be from regular pantry items. (That is to say, I didn’t want to brave the store for supplies!) Next time, I want to try melting hard candy into meeple shapes.

The cake is Bravetart’s Devil’s Food, and the filling between the layers is groundcherry jam from my garden. I read so many glaze recipes trying to find proportions that worked for what was in my cabinet that I can’t remember what franken-recipe went on top. Oops. There was chocolate, and butter.

If you like chocolate, with or without bonus nerdery, please try this!


What a fun idea! I also like board games, and while I’m not familiar with this particular one, I’d be thrilled to get a board game cake! XD Sounds tasty too!

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How clever. Chocolate and butter, count me in!

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Love your board game cake! I don’t know the game, but the cake looks very cool (not to mention yummy!) Makes me want to look into the game…

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What a great birthday cake! I love all the thought you put into how to make it work, it was well worth the effort!

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Thanks @roler , @steiconi , @endymion , and @AudiobookLover !! It was a fun project for improv celebrating.

roler, yay for fellow gamers! The almonds were SO FIDDLY to place on the sticky glaze, but they’d probably work as a loose border for whatever game you fancy. (I’m always happy for a recommendation!)

endymion, it’s an asymmetrical engine-building game that really rewards efficiency, so it’s not always the right game for every mood. That said, the art and bits of narrative are evocative, and the players could add moments of roleplay to keep it interesting.


Very cool! Talk about a labor of love, too!!

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I’m not familiar with the game either but the board sure makes for a beautiful cake!

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beautiful…i love that dyed coconut!!.and groundcherry jam!! i love groundcherries. tried planting some this year, but we dont get enough sun and i think the squirrels ate the starts. or that rabbit. they ate everything else.

This is such a great way to be inventive with the ingredients you have on hand, and I recognized the game immediately. Great job!

Love it! We are big board game players in our house as well. I can’t think of much better than games and cake. Well done!