Garden Binder Rings

Okay, so this may not be exciting to anyone but me. I keep all the tags for my plants and I finally decided to organize them with a binder ring and some pretty paper. I loved how it turned out so I made one for last year too. They are hanging from a rod in my greenhouse. The tags are separated by areas of the yard. Yep…. Pretty giddy about how these turned out.


What a clever and pretty way to keep track of your plants! Also handy if you want to get more or have a question about their characteristics or water and sun needs!

Simple, but, effective!

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Such a smart and handy system.

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Clever AND cute!!!

So pretty, and so practical! I aspire to better organization; your idea is genius.

Awesome! I always intend to keep these…

I love, love, LOVE this idea and the execution! The papers and such that you chose are so pretty and so on-target for this purpose; the result so convenient and practical! I love storing things on binder rings, but that is just the beginning of why this is an awesome and lovely solution!

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This is a really great idea!

I had to bookmark this. I am hopefully starting my new raised bed veggie garden next spring and this would be an artful way of remembering what I planted rather then just writing it down on paper then stuffing the paper in my seed box (came from a garden swap, heyyy).

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Thanks all! It really helped this weekend when I was rearranging my flower pots for the remainder of the season.


:icecream: WooooOOOO hooooOOOO! Your super great craft is one of this week’s Featured Project! :cupcake:

This has such a lovely and peaceful feel to it.

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Great idea for saving labels!

Thank you!!!

It sure beats sticking them in a drawer! Really cute way of organising them.