Garden Bunnies, an altered tin

Being stuck at home leaves me with a lot of time on my hands. Normally this time of year, I’d be doing a lot of planting in my garden. Alas, I have nothing to plant! All that’s left is weeding and trimming, which is not nearly as satisfying. SO, I decided to make decorate a small tin to while away my time. I used some old scrapbook paper that I’ve always loved. While making the tin, I had flashbacks of the rabbits that were everywhere in my garden last year. Some of my plants didn’t even make it overnight. UGH!

Here’s what I ended up with. Look how insufferably smug they are!

I love everything about this alphabet paper. I still have some left, even after this project. :slight_smile:

Inside. So that’s what happened to my garden last year!! Frickin’ hoarders!


I love it!!

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Smug little bastards. :joy:

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Of course they are being smug. They think they are so clever.

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I was thinking that there would be more bunnies when you opened the tin! My, what a large family…they need those carrots…but your poor garden! Buggers!

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Love the carrots!!

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They definitely have a knowing look in their eyes.


I heard they use the leaves for TP so now you know just why they were hoarding so much of the stuff!

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There is nothing worse than a batch of smug buns!*

I think I might be in a similar situation here…

*And perhaps nothing better than this tin.

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Bunnies. You just can’t trust them.

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So that’s where they hide their carrots! Super duper cute!

Oh those pesky rabbits…

Cute tin. The damn bunnies chew up my drip irrigation system and raid my garden. My Grammy use to sprinkle cayenne pepper at the base of her plants but I don’t know if that works. I have a pair of horned owls that build a nest every year in my Joshua trees and they usually have 3 babies and they hunt the bunnys. Many a night I have heard the bunnys demise by owl, do I feel bad? Maybe a little.


Awesome altered tin…totally surprised to see all the carrots the bunnies hoarded. Hilarious…erm, I mean outrageous.

those wascal-y wabbits!

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Super cute smuggy bunnies… Sorry about your poor garden.