Garment bag--ever made one?

I’m leaving in a week, and just decided I need a garment bag.

Online tutorials seem to be expecting to have just one hanger in the bag; I want several, so need to devise a…a…a thingie to hold them. Hardware? cording? I haven’t seen the inside of a garment bag in years, so don’t remember how it works.
Photos of commercial bags don’t seem to have clear pictures of how the inside works.
Anybody know how?

Also, I want to carry it folded in half. How do you keep it from collapsing as you pick it up? I’ve got a sturdy cardboard tube, but it’s about 2" across. That would prevent a crease at the fold line, I guess.
Any suggestions?

Uh, no time to order supplies, so I’ll have to make it work with stash.
On the up side, I have fabulous fabric and a really long zipper.
also upside: I discovered that I can set my camera for lower resolution pictures so they aren’t so humongous. I’ve only had the camera for 7 or 8 years…


You can also just type in a percentage on your post to reduce the size of any picture…use a comma and then, say 50%, right before the last ], after the size, say 500x500…I show a few samples below…(deleted since steiconi explained her situation)

As far as garment bags…I remember mine having a strong fabric or webbing loop at the top to hook 6-8 hangers onto and a strap across the middle to hold the clothes down securely. It folded in half with a handle on the back so I could carry it so that the hangers hung upside down…I also had one with just a hole at the top where the hangers hung outside of the bag…I hated that.


Thanks, I didn’t think about a strap, that would eliminate my cardboard tube.

The camera photos were so big, my computer would crash if I tried to upload 3 at once, so it’s better to resize first. Turns out, even the super simple photo viewer on chromebook can resize, too, but it’s better to make them the right size to begin. I just needed to spend a couple of minutes to figure it out.

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Thanks for your help! It’s done, I’ll post pix tomorrow.

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