George with his Yellow Hat

This is George, aka Monkey. He is three weeks, three days old. We got him at two weeks. He’s always hungry, and he’s growing fast.

Yesterday he started learning how to cat. It was super cute, but it would have been a smidge cuter if he hadn’t used my foot for pouncing practice :wink:

So that my foot doesn’t become his new favorite toy, I made him a new one. He likes the monkey toy Mr sbc picked out for him. But he loves to attack the yellow hat.

Our curious little Monkey is growing up, and now he has some toys fitting to his name. :heart:


So cute! Do you have to bottle feed him? He is not even weaned yet…he will be looking to you and Mr to teach him about being a cat! The cat toy is so cute…

Yep. His momma got sick. She’s okay thankfully, but because she was put on massive antibiotics, she couldn’t nurse her litter anymore. The human mom is a long time customer of Mr sbc’s at the pet store he works at. She knows my husband’s background with animal care (he’s volunteered in shelters since he was 8 years old, interned at a zoo, worked as a vet nurse, and worked in pet stores throughout his life). She felt we could take care of him, and wanted us to get the special bond you get with a bottle baby.

So here we are, a week and a half later, with a fuzzy bundle of almost cat. I’m enjoying watching him grow and learn. Just yesterday he started zooming around for the first time. Hopefully he picks up on litter box training soon (we still have to stimulate him to use the bathroom, but any day now he should start on his own :crossed_fingers:)


There are just not enough people like you and Mr in the world…that baby is so lucky…crying happy tears


Awww, love your George and his story! You are awesome!

When I was a little girl my dad found some abandoned little kittens, just born and he decided we should keep two. I can remember how we had to bottle feed them and later to learn them to eat a sort of milk porridge. We had to push their little noses in the porridge to make them eat it.
I loved our cats so much! One of them became about 16 years old.

So this brings back good memories!

Love the little cat toy you made George! :orange_heart:



Cute! Love to your newest family member.


George is precious, and his new cat-hat toy is adorable. Well made and cheerful! Thank you for fostering/adopting this baby, and for being such special people!


Curious George and the man with the yellow hat came to mind before I even read your story.

I’m not usually a cat fan (don’t throw anything) but George is adorable.

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I’d never throw anything at a non-cat lover. Well, maybe some shade :wink:

He’s a purebred Ragdoll. All the reading I’ve done on the breed calls them puppy cats. The lady gave him to us for free because of the long-standing relationship she has with Mr sbc. She lost one of her Ragdoll cats a year ago, he listened, commiserated, and remembered. When we lost our Ollie last August, she was the first person he told. She cried with him. She wanted to do something special and give us one of the kittens.

I have been feeling so grateful for so many things lately. This new Lettuce Craft community is amazing. The Nerd Games keep me busy in the best way. I have the most awesome husband in the world. I have two adorable cats (we also have our 15 year old old man cat, Frankenstein, as well). I get to see my bff @roler in less than a week. Next month I’m moving to South Carolina. I’ll be living near my sister @QueenHobo again.

Thanks for all the love everyone. I love our crafty family :heart:


Aw… I came for the kitty and stayed for the rest of the story. I’m feeling happy for all of you :purple_heart:


Oh, what a darling kitty!!! And great job on the kitty toy hat; what a fun nod to his name.