Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

As I get used to this fabulous Lettuce Craft space, I am still awed at the amazing work that went into creating a happy place for crafters of all kinds.

The LC team is amazing. I manage a few websites and I know the time-consuming aspect of the digital world. Wow. That commitment and care shines out around every head of lettuce!

And the crafters. What a community of positive, helpful, sharing, funny, snarky, creative, and ________ (fill in your favorite word)!!! Always fun, always creative, always positive. I think that’s what I like best, the positive and supportive voice we all share.

And the old friends, always the best!


Thank you so much! Also, now I am singing that song. LOL!

The members here are so amazing! I feel like we are such a tight knit, but welcoming group of people.


I love being in a place that has such a variety of crafters too. Most places are for one specific thing but I’m into so many different things as are so many other people. We have the nicest, most supportive group and I’m glad I found this group so, so many years ago. I’m also grateful that even when it ended, they found a way to keep it going and keep us together. :heart:


I agree with @gozer! Funny story- I saw her art on Deadster- that and @Knickertwist’s minis were what inspired me to join waaaaay back then… and now I’m so fortunate to have Gozer for my bestie! I feel like I know so many of you and you’re all a vital part of my life. This site truly is one of the happiest places on earth for me!


I found cster when searching for a wrap skirt pattern. I was intrigued and amazed. So many amazing posts shared with love. It kick started my artistic side again and made crafting a central part of my life…it feeds me.


Awe. Love that story! Besties forever! I bet a lot of people have found their besties on here. :heart:

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Yep, besties forever! :heart:

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