Giornea/overdress Renaissance sewing?

Somehow landed again on Renaissance site just like few years ago. looked at latest years of their costuming challenge dresses, very pretty all.
Back then I hand sew a pocket picture is on Craftster and made a scented beeswax pomander.
Was looking into perhaps making a partlet 2 years ago but finding thin gauze linen fabric was lost cause…is all synthetics the few fabric online shops and the few natural fabric were too heavy…
This time see a daydress overgown which is sleeveless and open at sides.Giornea.
Googled for pictures.
In Renaissance paintings is either long or trailing over the floor extended. I am thinking of making one in a midi length to use indoors at home. I hand sew. Seen some Pinterest patterns but still trying to comprehend few things about the how to make it.
Has anyone sewn a Giornea?
Any ideas what other fabric to use for a partlet?

Picture of my pocket.Saccoccia in poinsettia quilt cotton and the straps are satin ribbon 1" bought in Norway on holiday, used some in cardmaking and the rest ended up on this.


I’m on my phone, so I don’t have any links handy, but try a search with SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) in your search terms. There are lots of costumers who do late-period Italian, so I’m sure there are answers out there. Good luck!

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I’d substitute fine cotton for the partlet, or look for handkerchief linen. Men’s handkerchiefs might be big enough, and are usually thin. Maybe even find old ones on eBay.
has giornea pattern images. some look like trapezoidal gores mounted on a yoke or bodice, others are more precisely patterned. What kind do you want to make? I’d probably go with less full to wear around the house; be easier to manage and wash.

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