Girl Scout Cookie hair bows

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! I made these bows for my little scout and her bestie to wear when they are peddling their wares.


Are you kidding me right now? These are key-oot sister!


Sweet hairbows!

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Making me hungry! Great job!

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These are CUTE.CUTE.CUTE. and so are your comments.

As a former peddeler, this is some hard work. My parents would order exactly the amount needed to go to camp. And then would drive us around until the boxes were gone, and camp was secured. Remember the cardboard and the plastic winged handles? I saw some OUTRAGEOUS houses (it was the 80s, so big houses were unexpected in our rural area). We were told to not go inside, but camp was on the line!

I repeatedly risked it all, my friends. I coulda used some swagger to punch up my look.

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Adorable. So excited for cookie season!

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Oh, that’s just perfect!