Give Thanks

I found inspiration for this piece from TikTok. The idea of drawing the wreath on the ground fabric and stitching over it. I used a brown paint pen and then, made it my own with the wording, felt flowers and buttons.


So pretty! I love the flowers.

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This is delightful!

This turned out beautifully! I think your flowers are perfect and I love the look of the brown wreath.

Very nice! Love the effect of the multiple stitched circles.

The brown circles were done with a paint pen. :wink:

Ah. I thought you meant you stitched over the paint pen circles. :woman_facepalming:

Still a very cool piece!


All the different techniques add to the overall appeal of this project. It layers the textures with the design to make it so homey and inviting.

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This is precious! I love the mixed media of the felt and marker!

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