Glinda’s Office

I made this for @irid3sc3nt in the box of color swap. Pink was one of her options, and so this idea was born.

It features Glinda’s (or Galinda’s, if you’re a Wicked fan) crown, a rose in a vase, books, potion bottles, a picture of Galinda and Elphaba, and some letters from Dorothy, the Wiz, and Elphaba. I also added a journal and wand, and there is a pink key in the working drawer.

Every item in this tin, including the hutch itself, was made by me except the the rose in the vase, and the key that is in the drawer… but I did make the tassel on it!

The tin stands on its own thanks to an easel I added to the back (and conveniently forgot to photograph :woman_facepalming:).

The trim around the opening was courtesy of @madebyBeaG and the tin is one of several that @Smmarrt sent me a while back.

I was pretty pleased with how this turned out!
Thanks for looking!


This is so adorable. I love the attention to detail, there’s just so much to see!

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Thank you!! It was fun to put it all together.

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It’s just lovely on my desk! How did you make the easel part?? It’s genius. I am slowly collecting things for a winter/Xmas diorama and it would be nice to have another option rather than just hanging it.

And here’s a pic of the back:


This is so lovely. I love all the little details.

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How cool!
Love the easel design.

Ima steal that!

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Thank you, ladies! And thanks for adding the photo, @irid3sc3nt!

I used mat board cut into a rectangle with triangular shaped extensions on one end, to provide more stability for the base of the easel. I cut off a small section of the rectangle on the end without the extensions. I glued them to scrapbook paper, leaving a slight gap between the two pieces. I added the paper to both sides of this construction which essentially made one piece, but with one end of it now able to bend like a hinge. I took an additional, tiny rectangle and painted it in a coordinating color. I also used the same paint on the edges of the easel piece. I used a craft knife to make and slightly widen (a little wiggle of the knife did the trick) a slit centered in both the rectangle and near the bottom of the edge of the hinged piece on the wider base end. I cut a piece of ribbon so that it had a point on each end and pushed each of those through the slits. I cut the points off the ribbon ends so they were straight then folded the ends and glued them to the mat board piece and the easel piece. I used binder clips to hold the ribbon in place as it dried. Once the pieces were dry, I glued a butterfly embellishment over the end of the ribbon that was showing on the outside of the easel. I centered the smaller part of the hinge near the top end of the back of the tin and glued it. After it was dry I extended the hinge so I could determine where to place the small rectangle on the other end of the ribbon, then glued it into place.


Everything about this is awesome. The tiny details are so perfect and there are so many things to look at and admire. Your attention to detail is super impressive and that easle back is pure genius. I am 100% trying that one day soon!

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Thank you! I am excited to see what you make, @Tapestry !

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Love this. The theme of Good Witch is on point. All those tiny details. Beautiful!

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Thank you !


What an utter delight! There is so much to see in that tiny little tin; a wonder!

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This is just delightful!

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Thank you, friends!

I missed the glittery crown when it was first posted!

Awesome…just awesome…and thanks for the mini-tutorial on the stand…I have a lot of tins that I want to make but never had a lot of good ideas of how to display them, other than prop them up against something and hope my cats didn’t knock them over! :grin:


Thanks for all the kind words, friends!

:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: Congratulations! Your rad craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! WOO! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

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Yay, congrats! Totally deserves it!!

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Awwww, thanks! :heart_eyes:

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