Glitter house 2022 #13 this time it's a shop

Every year for the last 13 (eek!) year’s I’ve made a putz style glitter house, I first saw them on deadster and made one, it’s become a tradition here. The base us white and I write a summary of the year on the base. It’s always lovely to take them out when decorating for Christmas, to read them aloud and remember what happened.

I slightly cheated this year, in that my daughter saw a shop SVG online and cut it out for me. But the rest was true to tradition. Also I decided that this year the party is in the shop, so it got coloured lights and people. This year too the village has had some marauding polar bears.

I couldn’t resist adding a weather vane, because we put one on our house this year.


Wow! Amazing addition to the village! Love the lights and your tradition of writing in the bottom of each one.

Sooooo cuuuuute! I love how lively it looks with the wee peeps and lights! And I love the weathervane, because I love weathervanes AND mostly because it also represents the one you put on your house this year.


Love the party inside! What a cheery cozy shop.

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13 years! I remember when you started making these. Great addition, I like how you personalized this shop in several ways.

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a marvellous complete village

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Amazing collection! Each one so unique and personalized. These will be treasured heirlooms.