Glittery Dinosaur Ornament

For the Cozy Toes Swap, I made this for my partner (now known as @MightyMitochondria). It’s actually a very pretty, glittery silver, but the lighting wasn’t great when I took the photo.


I did most of the steps at school so I wouldn’t have to A) smell the spray paint and B) have glitter in my house! :smiley:

First, I attached a small screw eye to a dinosaur toy. Next, I spray painted the entire thing silver, just in case I missed any spots with the glitter. I hung the ornament from a cabinet in my classroom and placed a box underneath (I lined the box with paper to catch the glitter). Then, I grabbed a broken paintbrush from the art teacher at school and started applying glue in small sections. I sprinkled the glitter (micro-fine) onto the glued section, and continued in this fashion until the entire thing was covered. I left it hanging in my classroom overnight so it could dry. The next day, I took it home and, since the glitter was flaking off in spots, I hit it with a coat of sealant. Once it was fully dry, I added the ribbon. I really love how it came out, and may need to make one for myself.


I love how it turned out! Super simple but totally unique addition to any tree :christmas_tree:

This is so fun! Did you have it in a space in your classroom that the students admired it while it was being painted and dried?

It is truly magnificent in real life! It glitters! It gleams! It is ready to eat you at any second! Seriously, it is the coolest. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Thank you again @craftADDchick!

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That’s what I was wondering; how awesome it would be to walk into a classroom and find your teacher covering a dinosaur with glue and glitter! And I agree, every tree would be made better with one of these.


I actually worked on it after my students were gone and packed it up the next morning before they came in. But, they wouldn’t have been too surprised to see me making a glittery dinosaur- my bookshelves have several gold, silver and bronze (spray painted) dinosaur bookends :slight_smile:

And, @MightyMitochondria is right- the picture doesn’t do it justice. I am not a fan of glitter, but I really wanted to keep it for myself! So, perhaps, when I find another suitable dinosaur toy, my students can see me make the next one. I still have plenty of glitter left :wink:

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I love it! I’m not usually a glitter fan, but I’d make an exception for this guy :t_rex: every tree needs a dinosaur…

Haha, yes glitter makes every dinosaur awesome! Whenever I work with glitter, I find it EVERYWHERE for next couple of weeks… Pfff, especially when my kids in class (4,5 and 6 years old) worked with glitters :flushed::joy:
But I like glitter, so who cares :wink:

Love the glittery fellow!


I’m sure it looks great in the real colors, but I like the goldtone it looks like in this photo, too. :grin:

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What a cool little project!

So pretty and such a cute idea!

@craftADDchick ha! this is what i wanted to know! glitter is DANGER ZONE, so the coating was a great touch. Also sparkily clever girl!!


The sealant did the trick. I haven’t had any flake off.


I’ve never seen a glittery dinosaur…yours is fab! Great idea to seal off the glittery bits with a sealant :slight_smile:


Ooo glittery dinos sound amazing and this one is top notch! The ribbon is a nice accent too! :slight_smile: what a fun project.

That is good to know because I am much more likely to make on for myself now :slight_smile:

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That is rawrsome.

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Such a cool ornament :smiley: And yes, it’s best to spray paint and glue not in your house, it’s the reason why I prefer to wait with those things until it’s warmer outside XD

I was just loading up my car with some donations to our school’s flea market at our annual Winter Carnival, and I found the rest of the dinosaur toys I scooped up a couple of years ago. I picked out the smallest ones to make a few more ornaments. I’l take them into school so I can work on them when I have time between meetings!

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