Glittery Purple Birthday Topper

TheMisterT had a birthday yesterday. He’s not much of a sweets guy, but does love a pecan pie. So I made my first, not entirely successful, pecan pie and this little topper in his favorite color to make it a bit more celebratory!


I cut the papers with my Cricut Explore using free files from I cut an additional back piece to cover the white backing of the glitter paper, then glued 4" skewers to the back.

Here it is in the pie with it’s silly warbly crust!


Happy birthday to TheMister T!
Sparkly purple is awsome.


Ooh, purty! :purple_heart:

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Yummy + sparkly = woo hoo!

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Happy Birthday Mr. T! The pie looks delicious!

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Thank, friends!

Beautiful pie topper! And the pie looks delicious.


You can never go wrong with sparkles or pecan pie.

Get that on a t-shirt, STAT!