Glow in the dark reusable napkins

My mind is scrambling for ideas for what to make swap partners, so I got into my WIP pile and finally made the last 5 napkins that have been sitting there for at least 2 years. They are easy to make, but I just had no desire. I honestly didn’t today, either, but I cranked them out. They measure about 9" square. I learned that if I do a triangle across I can sew the edges and the center at the same time and will only need to stop and restart for one side. Even faster!

My previous ones I put snaps on to connect like paper towels, but we have gotten lazy and not resnapped them, so I omitted that step this time.


Bravo for pushing through, they look great! I was thinking about the Mark Twain saying about eating a live toad before breakfast, and how some projects have steps that feel like that…So now that you’ve eaten your toad for the day, go do something (including doing nothing at all) just for fun! :frog: :fork_and_knife:


They look great. I love the idea of reusable napkins.

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Super cute print! I have to work at not constantly making cloth napkins, because we have LOTS, so I’m getting some vicarious satisfaction seeing yours.

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