Glue/Mod Podge question

I have a zillion tiny circles of fabric with iron on interfacing attached. They will eventually glued into pendant blanks and topped with a glass cabochon.

So far my process has been to glue in circle with mid podge , let dry, thin coat of mod podge on top of fabric, let dry and use e6000 to Attach the glass top.

Since I’m waiting for pendant blanks to get here I was thinking I could seal the fabric before I add it to the blanks.

Is it best to keep using modpodge? And what surface should I place them on for easy Peel off ability… Wax paper, silicone mat, freezer paper? Cause the fabric will have some bleed thru…


I don’t have a complete answer for you, but my own experience with Mod Podge might help -
Over the years I made a lot of Christmas ornaments that I sealed with Mod Podge. Some of the ornaments made use of tissue papers. I found that on tissue paper Mod Podge did not protect the color over time. What had been pink poinsettias became coral.

The other thing I observed using Mod Podge is it has an affinity for itself - i.e. two of my Christmas ornaments touching would want to stick to one another.
I took to wrapping them in wax paper after that.

Other than that, I’ve always found Mod Podge very useful.

All costume fabrics??

“Nothing sticks to parchment paper” (I believe this, but I don’t know if it is true)
Silicone mats are pretty good about releasing stuff.