Gnome and mushroom apron and pot holders

I loved this adorable gnome fabric, isn’t it the cutest?
It’s a great pair with that red with white dots. The mushroom is a pocket.

I sent this to a swap partner, I meant to make a set for myself but I never did. Maybe soon…


Eeep! You’re killing me with the mushroomy cuteness, lady! I :heart: this.

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Love fun and unusual pockets! The whole set is fabulous!

Just stop! So stinking cute!

Ohhhhh wow! That fabric!!

Super cute! I love that the mushroom is a pocket. Nice.

i would not want to use this one. legit.

Have you ever read the In Gramma’s Attic books? I had them when I was little and have read them to my girl. They are full of religion, as was the style at the time, but also adorable crafty stories about quilting and the button box etc. There’s one story about Mama putting on a clean apron over her working one when a guest would come. By the end of one day she had so many aprons on that she looked like she’d gained a few pounds over the course of the day. It’s a funny one and made me think about the “good” aprons. Not sure there is any use for such a thing these days but if there was, a cute fabric certainly qualifies!


This is just the cutest!!!

That is truly sweet. A whole stack of goods and workings

What an adorable apron (with matching pot holders ftw)! There’s much to be said for looking cute while making grub and doing the dishes :slight_smile: