Gnome for the holidays: A Family Painting Party

My dad is visiting us for Christmas, and I had a bunch of bird and gnome molds set aside from making them before. I asked him to paint with me!

I painted the bluebird and teal gnome. @GeekyBookworm decoupaged her bird and painted it. My dad did a great job with his, even giving it a Papa John’s hat! (He delivers pizza there part time and really enjoys it.)


That is so cool that you all crafted together as a group. And all the gnomes and birdies turned out great!

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Super cute. The little blue birds are wonderful.

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I really enjoyed doing this! And they turned out great!


What a fun holiday activity for the family! And you’ll have these charming mementos of it, too!

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Very cute, and I love the idea of this being a holiday tradition. Getting more people crafting is always A+!

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