Gnome Friends

I used some cute Woodland wooden cutouts from Alpha Stamps to make a couple of gnome projects. Each little gnome is about 2" tall, so I used the tiniest of brushes to paint them. I had a ring box that had just enough room to house one, so I put a scrapbook paper background in there and locked him away.

The mushrooms are also painted cutouts; the butterfly was cut from a collage sheet.

Here’s a set of four gnome buddies.

They needed somewhere to be, so I cut out a background of black scrapbook paper and added a moon from a Cosmos Bark paper. The base of the gnomes was painted black and grey to blend in with the background. These little gnomes can stand on their own, so they may end up just living on my desk as is, but I might add them to the front of a book or box. No matter where they end up, I think they’re adorable.

I still have woodland cutouts left: squirrels, hedgehogs, acorns and leaves. I need to get cracking!


what cuties!!

Very nice! I can’t believe that tiny ring box was used to make such an adorable scene!

Yes, I really do think they have a home wherever you use them…they are so cute together!

They are so cute! I really like the blue gnome!

Super duper cute!

Your gnome pieces are fantastic!
Shrooms and gnomes are a great combination…I love your style :slight_smile:
And the quartet of gnomes look like they’re up for some mischief on a moonlit night.

Those are adorable! I want to join their little gnomey parade.
2 inches is brain-breakingly small to paint - you did amazing!

I love them! The little quartet look like they are in PJs to me. So sweet! And small, I can’t imagine doing something that well at that scale. Nicely done!

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These are adorable!

Oh the cutest little gnomes!! Love them!

I am truly impressed with your painting skills on something that small! They are adorable.

I thought that too when I first saw them. Gnomes in jammies, how could you not love that?!

Love your dapper little gnomes, racky!

They are such little cutie pies!

Adorbs. They look like they are a giggle-fest, those dudes. Cute!

Aaaahhh, they’re so cute! I love gnomes. You did a fantastic job.

The gnomes are super cute. I love the moon in the background of the four friends

I’ve been seeing gnomes pop up all over the place lately, and I, for one, LOVE gnomes! Perhaps we should have a gnome-themed swap in future… Has that been done already? Seems a great idea to me :smiley:

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I made gnome Christmas cards this year. These wonderful little guys reminded me of them. They are so cute.

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So much detail! And to realize just how much detail on something so small… :open_mouth: :heart:

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Some of my fave swaps on the old site. I saw some amazing crafts in those. Gnomes are so adorbs, I loves them :heart_eyes: