Go Hornets!

Before I go crazy on buying lots of yarn for a large project, I like to buy a skein to test it out. This helps me decide what pattern to use, check my gauge, etc. I buy a lot of yarn online so this first step is important.

The latest yarn that I bought was from England. The company is West Yorkshire Spinners. They make Aran (worsted) and DK yarns.

I made a scarf using a very simple k2, p1 that makes both sides of the scarf the same…it is thick and squishy as well. I was hoping for enough to make a matching hat, but no luck. The color scheme was accidental…just happened that I liked the colors.

AND…after I made the scarf, hubby told me they were the colors of North Carolina’s Charlotte Hornets basketball colors! Teal and purple! I had no idea, but I am sure that someone in my new state will appreciate it.


As soon as you said Hornets, I immediately thought of the Charlotte Hornets. LOL!

How about them Ducks!!!

YASSSS! Go Ducks!

I’m sure that if you combine any two colours you’ll get the colours of some team XD

But I think it looks great, I love the colours, and the scarf looks wonderful :smiley:

Thank you!

true…but the fact that it was colors of a team in my new home state was just sheer luck!

Too bad that it rarely gets cold enough to wear, so it will probably be sent to someone who can use it in a colder area!

I was wondering about the cold, but then I thought maybe it’s like where I grew up with cold windy days XD and the sea just made it way colder XD

It is 24 degrees celsius this morning…the coldest it gets is about 5…I will be searching for lighter yarns to use for items for myself, but most of my family and friends still live in colder places…

Yeah… that’s summer over here, wait, no, sometimes summer is cold as well XD we did have snow in June :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, good that you have family who can use it, and making one in a lighter yarn sounds good

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You will be surprised how much North Carolinians bundle up when it hoovering around 5 deg C. I lived in eastern NC for a few years. When I went to interview for a job in December, it was about -15 deg C in Iowa and about 5 deg C in NC.
People in NC were bundled up as much as the people in Iowa (while I was walking around in a light jacket, LOL!)

ha ha It is so odd because while I am wearing a cardigan most days when I think it is chilly, I see my neighbors and others wearing shorts and sandals…I am sure that it is colder in the mountains of NC, but the beach seems warm enough most of the time…the state seems to have a bit of everything, even snow!

That looks so cozy! Go sports team!

You have more patience than me. There’s no way I’d be able to buy a test skein and then wait and buy more later. Especially if it was being sent from overseas. Your thoughts are smart though.

Well, I do buy enough to make a hat or scarf which I normally donate to a homeless shelter in my old town in PA where the weather is very cold…and I am testing new stitches mostly…I love to collect crochet and knit stitches to make up my own patterns for socks, gloves, hats and blankets.

The shipping from my overseas account is so inexpensive…and I usually get my stuff within 7 days…not instant, but manageable!