Goldfish & Uchiwa Kanzashi Hair Pin

I finally (FINALLY!) got a new job, which starts on Monday. So, I’m trying to work through as many projects as I can this weekend - luckily I’m coming to the end of most of my current large projects. I’ll still be working on art after work of course, but it’ll be nice to start my new job with some easy after-work projects instead of experimental or unwieldy works.

This is my new favorite piece, an uchiwa (fan) with a large fancy goldfish. I feel like it’s a proof of concept for combining wire framed and tsumami-craft into one element - the fish itself. I’ve made plenty pieces that only use one or only use the other, and a few that have separate elements made from each style, but the fish is the first one that kind of combines them in a single element.

My goal for this piece was to make something that has a high level of detail, lots of different elements, and had a lot of tsumami-craft involved since some of my recent projects leaned more heavily toward wire work. I think I definitely achieved this goal, so I’m super thrilled.

I didn’t get any pictures of the back yet, but I might do some later.

I did a more detailed write up for how I made this piece on my blog. If you’re interested, you can read more about it here:


You make such unique and beautiful pieces. This is no exception. The chubby little goldfish is so cute. I love the way you did the lips and eye on it.
All the details are stunning, like the tiny pearls in the leaves of the plant. The subtle coloring of the fish. It’s beautiful.

So interestingly beautiful. I’d love to see your pieces “in action” sometime.

This is so lovely!