Goodbye to Craftster ATCs

In the last month ATC swap on Cster I made a Craftster themed masterboard and made all my partners ATCs cut from the same masterboard. It was kind of like we all got a piece of something to tie us together (mushy, I know - not my normal MO :rofl: )

Here is the complete masterboard. The masterboard has spackling (used instead of modeling paste as its so much cheaper), dry wall tape, stenciling, notebook hole protectors, acrylic paints, gel pen and probably stuff I am forgetting.

and cut into ATC size

Leftover scraps I used as embellishments

All the ATCs

And close ups


There are so many things I love about this:

–Seeing the masterboard
–Seeing all the atc sized pieces
–Seeing them all together
–And separately.

So special. And the Famunity one is mine.

I love this so hard.


@geekgirl, I love that you chose to create a masterboard and this theme for the final round :purple_heart: they’re all amazing and I received mine this week! Thanks

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I am so reluctant to say that name out loud right now, makes me sad and mad and all the feels all at once and it is pure overwhelm. This is great though, I needed to see it to remember what came from that place. All of us, togetherness, this new creation. Good project, thanks for sharing.


I LOVE this! <3

@geekgirl we know what you are made of now, gg.

and it turned out really well. like a secret inside a secret.

and so much yes.

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I love how these turned out. I have tried masterboards (I haven’t given up yet) but mine have never turned out as cool as yours did. I love the colors, designs, and images you picked.

That’s because @geekgirl is the masterboard queen!

I keep going back and forth between the boards & the cards. It’s spectacular!!

These are so flippin’ awesome gg. Really beautiful work, and intentions.

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love your masterboard, your atcs, and your indomitable spirit!!!

So fun to see the behind the scenes workings of a person…I feel privileged to watch a bit of your process!!


This is so flippin’ sweet. I love it all so much! :blue_heart:

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So beautiful, both the sentiment behind the project and the craft itself!

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Wow! These are wonderful!

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Thanks everyone!

The masterboard looks really great, I love the techniques you use, and the ATC looks amazing

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Oh wow, those are beautiful! Great work! I’ve never tried a master board before!

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So pretty!

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Very cool! Love them!

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