Grandbaby cookie ornament

One day this autumn our neighbour and I had a conversation through the fence about her adorable new grandbaby and how much enjoyment they’d been having together. He’d just been over and she’d baked chocolate chip cookies for him, so cute!
I thought of making an ornament to help them remember the wonderful times they had shared over 2020. Those are better memories to hold onto than anything else that’s happened this year IMHO.

I hope you are also cherishing sweet memories from this year. Blessings to you all.


wonderful memory brought to life in the cutest way. well done!! Love the little gripping hands on the cookie

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So many things to remember, good and bad, about 2020…nice to have ones that have positive vibes and feelings of hope! Things with a sense of humor are also good…

I bet that will be a happy ornament for remembering for years!

Downright adorable!