Granite Pencil Drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge

I’ve had these granite pencils for a few years now and I haven’t really used them.

When I made this drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge, my original plan was to color it in with color pencils, yet I hesitated to use them. I had no idea how to get all the shapes of the bridge with the colored pencils. This then lead me to think about my other pencils and I decided to give them a go.

I think I made the right choice with the granite pencils and not the colored pencils.


There are a few spots that I think could have done without, either, it being putting them there in the first place or the color od the darkness. All in all though it looks good.


What a cool perspective! I might give my plain pencils a try drawing some of the older monuments and bridges around here this summer!

I like how just the plain pencil makes the architecture stand out…you have to see the bridge and not the color…nice job!


That is a lovely drawing!

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I love this! I agree the granite was the way to go. :ok_hand:

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Nice job!

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the perspective of this is great! wonderful lines.
Gives the real impression of just how small a person is, standing there.
nice job!

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Nice work! all the strong lines and high contrast look really cool!