Gray scale flowers

I’m practicing in a tattoo apprenticeship. One of my assignments was to do a theme in gray scale realism. I chose flowers. I did a lily, daffodil, poppy, rose, and lotus blossom. This is my first time doing this with digital art.


They are really nice! I love the poppy and one upper left.
Which program did you use?


These are beautiful! They are so delicate!

I used procreate. I’m particularly proud of the poppy.

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Gorgeous!!! Looks like you’re a pro at the procreate. I’m sure you’ll make an amazing tattoo artist!

Thanks! I’ve just started using procreate. I have soooo much to learn about it.

So pretty and very realistic!

I am not a fan of digital art, I prefer the brush. But I must say these are pretty cool!

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These are beautifully done. The shading is perfect.

These are gorgeously executed! Well done!

It is beautiful. I love how Good you guys are in drawing and painting.

Gorgeous, soft textures. Wonderful job!